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Prey For Me

(Won Best Short Film Award at The International
Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2017)

Directed by David Spring
by Craig Murphy
by Ryan Stowell
(Ebbs Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as The Preacher

Neil Hobbs as Guy








"One Day" Marsy's Law Ohio

Directed by Scott Schweitzer
(Marsy's Law)

Tommie Grabiec as The Perp






Money Supermarket

("Music Class" for Kodak Competition)

Directed by Nick Hansbauer
(MET Films)

Tommie Grabiec as Mr. Wren







(Campaign Against Domestic Violence)

Directed by Jack Lightfoot
(Nice and Serious Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as Abusive Husband







Mars Planets

Directed by James Haworth
(Another Film Company)

Tommie Grabiec as The Traffic Warden




Music Videos




Banners - Shine a Light

Directed by Christopher Ranson
(Zebrafish Media)

Tommie Grabiec as Gangster Boss






ANIMA! - Breathe

Directed by Jakob Bee Cizic
(Try Hard Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as Rage






Light in my World

(Mike Brown Ft. D1)

Directed by James Mossman
(Ivy Records)

Tommie Grabiec as Husband






Echoic - Messed Up Smiles

Directed by Dann Emmons & Sam Walker
(Poseidon Studios)

Tommie Grabiec as Villain




Short Films





Directed by Izzy Ambridge
(Sunset Horizon Productions)

Tommie Grabiec
as James






The Vagabond

A film by Tim Wickens
(Clockwork Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as David







Directed by Robert Buckley
(North Staffs Veterans)

Tommie Grabiec as Harry Barnes






The Vault

Directed by Ed Kitchen
(Short Film Factory)

Tommie Grabiec as John






You're Doing It Wrong

(Won Digital Film Society Best Film Award 2015)

Directed by Kial Kirlew
(Forever Rendering Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as Regents






Schön! presents Paranoia

Directed by Kell Mitchell & Myro Wulff


Joy McLaren & Tommie Grabiec






Race Against Time

Directed by Antonios Vallindras
(Bournemouth University)

Tommie Grabiec as Agent Jack







Directed by Sam Walker
(ShootMe Films in association with Pyreaus Films)

Tommie Grabiec as Talvorn

Luke Argles as Hiargo







The Boy with the Yellow Circle

Directed by Roberts Kravecs
(Blackstorm Films)

Tommie Grabiec as The Father







Lamb of No God!

Directed by Carlo Gariboldi
(London Film School)

Tommie Grabiec as Hound







Directed by Nick Brouard
(A Sustainable Production)

Tommie Grabiec as Rob








Guest iin London


Directed by Ashwni Dhir
(Kiaan Entertainment)

Tommie Grabiec as Marsh






The Little Lies We Tell Ourselves


Directed by Tommie Grabiec
(Pyreaus Films)

Tommie Grabiec as Macbeth






The Last Days


Directed by Sophie Avril
(Benefer Productions)

Tommie Grabiec as Thomas




© Tommie Grabiec