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In Focus

Claire Grogan Photography

Represented by

Heyman Talent Artists Agency


Tommie Grabiec as 'Pavel'

"Always be yourself, express yourself,
have faith in yourself, do not go out
and look for a successful personality
and duplicate it.
" - Bruce Lee

Tommie Grabiec - Voice Demo


"You have to make it real for yourself
first, if you try to make it real for the
audience, then it will be forced
and fake .... make it real for yourself
and the audience will follow
like a duck to water!
" - Pyreaus

"All I want to see from an Actor
is the intensity and accuracy
of their listening!
" - Alan Rickman

BANNERS - Shine a Light

"The essence of creativity is the
richness of the actor’s soul and
his ability to reveal this richness
before the audience.
- Yevgeny Vakhtangov

" Universal Precision "

"Do not try to push your way through
to the front ranks of your profession;
do not run after distinctions and
rewards; but do your utmost to find
an entry into the world of beauty.
- Constantin Stanislavski

"Connect into your deepest Self, that eternal reservoir beyond the land of dreams and mysteries, behind the veil of the furthest reaches of rock, liquid and shoal, find that serene quietness from whence everything flows, there you will find that most unique gift of tranquility"

Seek that which You achieve !

People may or may not say what
they mean ... but they always say
something designed to get what
they want.
― David Mamet

Practice the precept: find without
- Robert Bresson




“Courage means willing to risk everything.” - Sanford Meisner

"Mostly I straddle reality and imagination. My reality needs imagination like a bulb needs a socket. My imagination needs reality like a blind man needs a cane." - Tom Waits

Tommie Grabiec Demo Reel


"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature as all ridicule and deformity…. and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself." - William Blake

Tommie Grabiec as Marsh, Guest iin London, 2017

"Your objective is not just an idea in your head! It is an energy, vital, alive, able to explode and implode at any moment. Allow it to carry you through the Life of the Beholder. Feel it, absorb it, cherish it, for it is a unique aspect of yourself!"

Tommie Grabiec as The Preacher, Prey For Me, 2016

"We learn through experience and experiencing, and no one teaches anyone anything. This is as true for the infant moving from kicking to crawling to walking as it is for the scientist with his equations. If the environment permits it, anyone can learn whatever he chooses to learn; and if the individual permits it, the environment will teach him everything it has to teach." - Viola Spolin

Tommie Grabiec as Polonius, Ophelia, 2017

"There is a certain immortality involved in theater, not created by monuments and books, but through the knowledge the actor keeps to his dying day that on a certain afternoon, in an empty and dusty theater, he cast a shadow of a being that was not himself but the distillation of all he had ever observed; all the unsingable heartsong the ordinary man may feel but never utter, he voiced. And by that, joins the ages." - Arthur Miller

Tommie Grabiec as James, Chimera, 2017

The actor creates his model in his imagination, and then, just as does the painter, he takes every feature of it and transfers it, not on to canvas, but on to himself. - Coquelin the Elder

Tommie Grabiec as Perp, Marsy's Law Ohio - One Day, 2017

"An actor is totally vulnerable. His total personality is exposed
to critical judgement - his intellect, his bearing, his diction,
his whole appearance. In short, his ego.
" - Alec Guinness


© Tommie Grabiec