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Demo Reel

Clips taken from:

Prey For Me by David Spring
by Sam Walker
by Jason Gurr
Aytch Eff by Sam Khelil
Dreamer's Insomnia by Ognjen Cvetinovic
The Vault
by Ed Kitchen
The Vagabond by Harry Jones
Battlescars by Robbie Buckley







Prey For Me (clip)

(Ebbs Productions)

Directed by David Spring

Tommie Grabiec as "The Preacher"






The A Word (clip)

(BBC/Fifty Fathoms/Keshet)

Directed by Peter Cattaneo

Tommie Grabiec as Pavel Kaminski






Battlescars (clip)

(North Staffs Veterans)

Directed by Robbie Buckley

Tommie Grabiec as Harry Barnes






Open Winds (clip)

(LFS Productions)

Directed by Heikki Simppula

Tommie Grabiec as John






Static (clip)

(Jallas Productions)

Directed by Jason Gurr

Tommie Grabiec as Jake






Ispolin (clip)

(UCA Productions)

Directed by Fin Pine

Tommie Grabiec as Vlad






Aytch Eff (clip)

(MET Films)

Directed by Sam Khelil

Tommie Grabiec as Eddy Ravena






See You Tomorrow (clip)

(Bournemouth University)

Directed by Jessica Jeffries

Tommie Grabiec as Alpha Zombie






A Dying Ember (clip)

(Monochrome Media)

Directed by Sean Hall

Tommie Grabiec as Neil






60 Second War (clip)

(Ravensbourne Films)

Directed by Billy Dudley

Tommie Grabiec as Professor Fischer






Pediatric Reconstructions (clip)

(Red Goat Productions)

Directed by Michelle Maynard

Tommie Grabiec as Chris Cook




© Tommie Grabiec