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Thursday 21st December

Seasons Greetings


Thursday 14th December

It's a Secret !

"An interesting phenomenon, POSSESSION BY THE SHADOW. In my own experience my Shadow would overrun me (possess me) I had no control and no Knowledge that anything was out of sync, until I experienced fully "the spiral down". Coming face to face with my own demon was perhaps one of the most horrifying events in my life, something malevolent. That night was the dark Night of the Soul" - from the diary of .... it's a secret shhh !

Saturday 14th October

Prey For Me

clip from Prey For Me, winner of The Best Short Film Award at
IFF 2017 London.
#PreyForMe #Gratitude #BestShortFilmAward


Monday 25th September

Marsy's Law Ohio - "One Day"

Sunday 17th September

Result Direction


Friday 15th September

Harry Dean Stanton

July 14th 1926 - September 15th 2017

An Acting Legend has passed into the Mists of Beyond ! Thank You for your ever-present Great humour, Awesome Presence and Wonderful Humility. Journey in sweet Peace, may angels keep You toasty

#HarryDeanStanton #Gratitude #Cool #Legend

Sunday 27th August

Tobe Hooper

January 25th 1943 - August 26th 2017

A Master and Legend of Horror has passed into the Mists of Beyond ! Thank You for your kind heart, inspirations and Brilliant Visions. Rest and Journey well #TobeHooper #Horror #Legend #Gratitude #Iconic


Friday 25th August

Light in my World


Saturday 19th August

Sonny Landham

February 11th 1941 - August 17th 2017

A Tough Guy Legend has passed into the Mists ! Thank You for bringing your ferocity and intensity onto the Big Screen. May Your journey be safe and wild , and it ain't no man ! #Gratitude #Cool #Legend #Love

Saturday 12th August

R.T.L.S. Teaser

Sunday 16th July

George A Romero

4th February 1940 - 16th July 2017

A Master of Horror has passed into the World of Beyond ! Thank You for Your utter Brilliance, Dedication and Magnificence. May angels keep you

#GeorgeARomero #DayoftheDead #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Sunday 16th July

Martin La

20th June 1928 - 16th July 2017

A Legend has passed into the Mists ! Thank You for Your Delicious Excellence, Inspiration and Dedication. May angels keep you

#MartinLandau #Gratitude #Legend #ExtendYourEdge

Thursday 13th July

Be Inspired !


Wednesday 12th July

Back to the Future !

Sunday 2nd July

Barry Norman

21st August 1933 - 30th June 2017

Thank You kindly for Your Brilliant Humour driven reviews, Your honesty, integrity and hard work over the many years of dedication. May angels keep your Spirit shining Bright, may Your journey be swift on wings of gold

#Legend #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Saturday 17th June

Christopher Cazenove

17th December 1943 - 7th April 2010

Remembering a Brilliant Actor, of perfect clarity and panache, a true gentleman of the Arts, Thank You for delicate inspirations of Grace

#ChristopherCazenove #Legend #UnstoppableActor

Saturday 10th June

Adam West

19th September 1928 - 10th June 2017

A Great Legend has passed into the Mists of Forever ! Thank You kindly for Your Years of Pure Dedication, Brilliance, Enjoyment, bringing to Life one of the most iconic characters of the modern era, the BatMan. Rest and journey well, may sparkling angels guide you safely. POW !

#AdamWest #Batman #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Friday 9th June

Production Stills from YOU'RE NOT THERE, directed by Sean Devaney

#Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor

Tuesday 23rd May

Sir Roger Moore

14th October 1927 - 23rd May 2017

An Awesome Legend, a childhood hero has passed into the Mists ! Thank You for your Brilliant devotion to Your craft, for bringing endless Cheer, Enjoyment and Smiles. Journey well, You have earned Great rest. May angels keep You safe, may Your Spirit Shine in eternity

#RogerMoore #JamesBond #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Monday 22nd May

Amazing ! #Quotes #TELawrence #ExtendYourEdge

Monday 15th May

Powers Boothe

1st June 1948 - 14th May 2017

An Acting Legend of Magnificent verve has passed into the Mists ! Thank you for your Brilliant contribution to the Arts. Your excellence, dedication and devotion are inspirational. Rest and journey well

#PowersBoothe #Excellence #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude


Saturday 13th May

Honoured to be providing the voiceover for an intro about
Martin Kemp who is hosting an Awards Ceremony event !

#MartinKemp #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge

Wednesday 10th May

Thrilled, Delighted and Grateful to appear in my first international Bollywood Trailer for GUEST IIN LONDON, directed by Ashwni Dhir. Starring Paresh Rawal, Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Kharbanda and Tanvi Azmi. Thank you to Casting Director Rachita Kapoor for casting me in this Awesome film ! Releases on the 16th June.

#Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #GuestiinLondon
#Bollywood #ExtendYourEdge


Saturday 6th May

Production still from THE GENERATOR, directed by Rudy Carpio

#TheGenerator #Indie #Gratitude

Friday 28th April

Aim Beyond Your Dreams ! #Gratitude #Vigour #Intensity


Thursday 27th April

Keep moving Forward with Vigour, Intensity, Precision and Gratitude ! #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #TommieGrabiec #UnstoppableActor

Friday 7th April

Jackie Chan

Happy Birthday !


Thursday 6th April

Billy Dee Williams

Happy Birthday !

Wednesday 5th April

Scorch Caller opening up the portal to Fire God Y'Thorogg
in WHEN NATURE CALLS ! #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Tuesday 21st March

'The Surgeon' Enzo Baptiste and Sweyn Forkbeard

Sunday 19th March

Chuck Berry

18th October 1926 - 18th March 2017

A Beautiful Legend has passed to the Heavens of Eternity ! Thank you for so many wonderful years of Pure Joy, rhythms and beats of unique imagination. Journey well, rest peacefully x

#Legend #ChuckBerry #Magnificence #Unstoppable


Saturday 18th March

Am excited to be playing POLONIUS in Trivanna short-film production of OPHELIA, based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet ! #Ophelia #Polonius #Shakespeare

Tuesday 14th February

Playing 'The Surgeon' Enzo Baptiste in MISSCONCEPTION , a University of Lincoln production #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor


Thursday 2nd March

Lee Marvin

Remembering a Fascinating, Unstoppable, Extra-ordinary Legend !

Tuesday 28th February

The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2017 where our film PREY FOR ME won Best Short Film Award !

#IFF2017Winners #RedCarpet #PreyForMe #Gratitude


Monday 27th February

Prey For Me interview at The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London 2017. With David Spring (Director), Tommie Grabiec (The Preacher) and Craig Murphy (Writer). #Gratitude #IFF2017Winners

Sunday 26th February

Bill Paxton

May 17th 1955 - February 25th 2017

An Incredible Legend has passed into the eternal Mists ! Thank You for bringing Great Strength, Humour, Joy and Twinkle into many lives, You are remembered fondly with Grace and Fervour. You certainly can deliver those lines with perfect clarity, it's Not Game Over yet Man !

#BillPaxton #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #Legend


Wednesday 22nd February

HorseRiding with my favourite pal George !

#HorseRiding #Equestrian #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude


Saturday 18th February


Our Team won Best Short Film Award for PREY FOR ME at The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London 2017 ! Thank You to the whole cast and crew and the organizers of the Festival for a Great evening. Thank You to my lovely Wife Cindy, my Mum Halina, my Tata Ryszard, my sister Joasia, all friends and family in Spirit and Earth. Thank You to David Spring, Craig Murphy, Ryan Stowell and Neil Hobbs.

#IFF2017Winners #Gratitude #UnstoppableArtists #ExtendYourEdge



Tuesday 7th February

Richard Hatch

(Captain Apollo - Battlestar Galactica)

21st May 1945 - 7th February 2017

A Beautiful Legend has passed into the Mists ! Thank You for your Excellence, Bravado and Adventurous Spirit ! May angels walk with you and keep you safe on your infinite and eternal journey beyond the Stars, Celestials and Deep Star Galaxies x

#RichardHatch #BattlestarGalactica #Legend #ExtendYourEdge

#UnstoppableActor #CaptainApollo #Gratitude

Saturday 4th February

Be Phenomenal !

Be Magnanimous !

Be Your Shining Star !

#UtaHagen #Gratitude #Excellence #ExtendYourEdge

#TommieGrabiec #UnstoppableActor


Friday 3rd February

Art in Yourself !

Cherish Your Individual Facets of Eternity !

#Gratitude #SacredSelf #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor

#KonstantinStanislavski #TommieGrabiec

Wednesday 1st February

Matthew Broderick & Harvey Fierstein sharing a cute moment on 'Torch Song Trilogy' 1998


Tuesday 24th January

John Hurt

22nd January 1940 - 27th January 2017

A Legend of the Arts has passed with Honour and Humility ! Thank You for your Magnificence and Total Dedication to your craft. You have inspired and warmed hearts, your memory lives on. May your journey into the Mists be filled with Love, may sweet angels carry you with softness into the next phase with blessings and Joy x

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #Legend #JohnHurt #ExtendYourEdge

Wednesday 25th January

Miss Mary Tyler Moore

29th December 1936 - 25th January 2017

A Great Lady has passed into the rhythms of Eternal Spirit. Thank You for your Elegance & Mystique. May Your Smile be Forever, journey well into the Mists x

#UnstoppableActor #Legend #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #MaryTylerMoore


Tuesday 24th January

The Strength and Inspiration are within You !!!!

#Hero #Champion #ExtendYourEdge #FrederickDouglass

Monday 23th January

Be Lightning !!!!

#Inspiration #Gratitude #Elextrix #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Friday 20th January

Miguel José Ferrer

7th February 1955 to 19th January 2017

A Great Artist has passed into the Mists of Eternity ! Thank You for all the wonderful cherished moments You shared, Your hubris, Excellence and Artistry. Your Sparkling devotion continues to thrive in the rhythms of Strength and Smiles. Rest well Sir !

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #Excellence #MiguelFerrer

Monday 9th January

Gratitude and Excitement

Am grateful and excited for all the Super work which has come my way for the next few months:

- Music Video for THE LIMIT OF A MAN by the Magnificent Paul Weller and Stone Foundation ! Thanks to my dear friend Paul Dewdney for arranging this wonderful opportunity.

- Playing Cult Leader 'Scorch Caller' for University of Greenwich project WHEN NATURE CALLS.

- Playing 'The Surgeon' for University of Lincoln Graduate film MISS CONCEPTION.

- Reprising my role as 'Pavel Kaminski' for BBC One Production THE A WORD filming from March to July in The Lake District.

Thank You to Everyone, very much looking forward to working with You x

#Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #TommieGrabiec #UnstoppableActor


Monday 2nd January

Demo Reel

#Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge

Sunday 1st January

Happy New Year !!!!

Wishing Everyone a Superb, Successful and Awesome 2017 !


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