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Saturday 31st December

Wishing You an Awesome 2017 !!!!


Thursday 29th December

Be Unstoppable with Passion !!!!

#Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Tuesday 27th December

Carrie Fisher

October 21st 1956 - December 27th 2016

Princess Leia has passed into the mists of Time and Eternity !

Thank You for all the wonderful memories and for giving this old Boy hope ! Your memory lives on eternally, may Your Spirit find peace beyond the Gates of Death and Rebirth. Much Love x #UnstoppableActor #Gratitide #ExtendYourEdge


Friday 23rd December

Thrilled and Grateful to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor Award for playing 'The Preacher' in
PREY FOR ME at The International Filmmaker Festival (IFF) 2017. We are also up for Best Lead Actor Award (Neil Hobbs) playing 'Guy', Best Short Film Award and Best Director Award ! Thank You to David Spring (director), Craig Murphy (writer) Ryan Stowell (producer) and to the whole Team for making this an Awesome film !

#PreyForMe #IFF2017 #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Monday 19th December

Street Art !

#Cool #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Tuesday 6th December

Dune, 1984

Brad Dourif as Piter De Vries.

A glimmering, precise performance from a Truly Unique individual. Art knows no Bounds ! #BradDourif #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #CharacterActor

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of sapho that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion."


Friday 2nd December

Flow with the Waters of Your Sacred Self !

#Journeys #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #GrabiecTechnique


Thursday 1st December

As Artists, we All Love to be walking those boards, having those moments of Lights! Camera! Action! .... a shudder of pure excitement and belonging, Knowing who we Are in those rhythms ! As important is the Self-Study preparation, creating in the palms of our Being. This is a snippet from the heart, soul, mind and body of Doctor Aloysius 'Luigi' Templeton

#CharacterPrep #Psychology #SelfStudy #UnstoppableActor #LoveStudy  #ExtendYourEdge #GrabiecTechnique #YourUniqueTechnique


Tuesday 29th November

Blade Runner, 1982

Daryl Hannah as the vicious yet alluring Pris.
A marvellous, uniquely Brilliantly crafted character !

#UnstoppableActor #Brilliance #CharacterActor
#Gratitude #BladeRunner #RidleyScott


Tuesday 22nd November

Journey deep into the well of Your Creativity !

#ExtendYourEdge #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Sunday 20th November

There's a New Gunslinger in Town .... Draw !

#StereoDrones #MusicVideo #Gratitude #Gunslinger


Tuesday 15th November

Connect with the rhythms of Your Life !

#ExtendYourEdge #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Friday 11th November

Robert Vaughn

November 22nd 1932 - November 11th 2016

A Gentleman and Legend has passed into the Mists of Beyond ! Thank You for Your Grandness, Brilliance, Ingenuity and Refinement. May Your journey be filled with swiftness, Peace and Love ! #UnstoppableActor #Excellence #Hubris


Tuesday 8th November

On RidgeRadio as a guest of DJ Mark Penrdy ! #Gratitude #ActingLife

Podcast on Mixcloud


Monday 7th November

Prey For Me Official Site #PreyForMeFilm #Thriller #Movie


Thursday 3rd November

Treasure Your Individual Awesome Uniqueness !

#SacredSelf #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Wednesday 2nd November

Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita

June 28th 1932 - November 24th 2005

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

Thank You for Your Kindness, Your Brilliance, Compassion and Light. You install so much Joy in Hearts, the Smiles and lovely feelings are infectious. You are forever Miyagi-son ! May Your Spirit shine ever brighter, gleaming with Joyful Starlight !

#MrMiyagi #PatMorita #UnstoppableActor

"Either you karate do "yes" or karate do "no". You karate do "guess so"
(get squished) just like grape.
" - Mr. Miyagi

"No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.
Teacher say, student do.
" - Mr. Miyagi


Tuesday 1st November

A salute to Kiefer Sutherland !

Since being delighted with his portrayal of vampire David in The Lost Boys which is nothing short of Brilliant, I have been a fan of his. He always brings a beautiful depth and temptation to his roles. Thank You for your Magnificence and inspirations !!!! #KieferSutherland #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Tuesday 25th October

Treasure Your sacred instinctual Electric Arks !

#ExtendYourEdge #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Saturday 15th October

Production still from WE ARE ALL ARTISTS, by the Woolf Brothers

#FamilyDrama #WeAreAllArtists #WoolfBrothers


Friday 14th October

Thank You Sensei Lee for Your Wonderful Teachings, I honour You with my Art !

#BruceLee #Teachings #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Thursday 13th October

Connect deep into Your Sacred, Eternal Self for this is from
where Creativity intersects with the Universe that is You !

#UnstoppableActor #TommieGrabiec #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Monday 10th October

Andrzej Wajda

March 6th 1926 - October 9th 2016

Blessings and Peace to Your Brilliance, Creativity and Quest in bringing Truth.
Your Glistening song rides the eternal wave of Beauty, Stillness and Depth.
May Your Journey into the Booming Silence be filled with Love !

#Eternal #Unstoppablle #AndrzejWajda #Peace #Truth


Tuesday 4th October

Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Legendary Philip Seymour Hoffman, a Master of his craft !
Thank You for Your Brilliance, Inspirations and Smiles !

#Legend #Awesome #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Monday 3rd October

Open Your Mind !


Sunday 2nd October

I have the honour of reciting this Beautiful poem as part of my performance in
THE MEMORY OF RAIN #Poem #Beautiful #SacredSelf #Pyreaus


Saturday 1st October

The 'Legendary' Doug Bradley as 'Pinhead' in Clive Barker's Hellraiser. This film highlights brilliantly how the subconscious works ! #SacredSelf


Friday 30th September

The Great Ricardo Montalbán as 'Khan' in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

#StarTrek #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #RicardoMontalban


Thursday 29th September

Aim Beyond the Stars !

#Love #KnowThyself #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Wednesday 28th September

#TheUniverse #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge


Monday 26th September

Production stills from the STEREO DRONES - A BETTER SUN music video shoot in Dungeness, Kent. This place has real character, desolate yet somehow warm. A Huge Thank You to All cast and crew who were Absolutely Terrific !

#UnstoppableActor #ExtendYourEdge #Gratitude





Friday 23rd September

Production Stills from ECHOIC - Messed Up Smiles
directed by Dann Emmons & Sam Walker

#Echoic #UnstoppableActor #Grateful #Awesome


Sunday 18th September

Production stills from PREY FOR ME, starring Tommie Grabiec as 'The Preacher' & Neil Hobbs as 'Guy'. Written by Craig Murphy. Directed by David Spring. Produced by Ryan Stowell. #Awesome #ExtendYourEdge #GrittyDrama #Gratitude


Thursday 15th September

#SacredSelf #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor


Monday 5th September

In Life, we encounter people who we just 'click' with. There is an unexplainable chemistry. It is as if we have Known them before from someplace, sometime and Being around them is as warm and magical as Sunshine ! The Beautiful Legends Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor are a Wonderful example of this rhythm of Essence.

#Karma #Connections #SacredSelf #ExtendYourEdge


Thursday 1st September

Production Stills from music video ECHOIC - MESSED UP SMILES
directed by Dann Emmons and Sam Walker.

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #LoveLife


Tuesday 30th August

Total Scene Focus !

#ExtendYourEdge #ActingNugget #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #LoveLife


Monday 29th August

Gene Wilder
(Jerome Silberman)

June 11th 1933 - August 29th 2016

A Great Legend has passed into the mists of Forever ! Thank You for your unique excellence, for your smiles, laughs, gags, triumphs and the everlasting Gobstopper ! May your symphonies last for All Time and your journey be filled with peace, prosperity and Love x

#Legend #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor #Magnificence


Sunday 14th August

Taster Production Stills from THE GENERATOR, a new feature
from the Brilliant mind of Director, Rudy Carpio.  I had the
pleasure to work with a Fantastic cast and crew !

#‎TheGeneratorFilm‬ ‪#‎Gratitude‬ ‪#‎UnstoppableActor‬ ‪#‎ExtendYourEdge



Saturday 13th July

Kenny Baker (R2-D2)

August 24th 1934 - August 13th 2016

Thank You for bringing Joy, Happiness and Smiles to many Hearts, Your Magnificence continues to Shine Bright in the Hallowed Halls of the Now. May Your Journey be Blessed in the Infinite ! (I had the pleasure of meeting Kenny at an LFCC a few years ago. A warm Soul filled with Adventure) ! x

#‎blessedjourneys #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge


Friday 12th August

OWN Your Role !

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #KnowThyself #ExtendYourEdge


Monday 18th July

Legend of an Actor .... with an intense uniqueness pulsing from a
Magnificent interior ! ‪#‎ExtendYourEdge‬ ‪#‎Gratitude‬ ‪#‎LoveLife


Friday 8th July

Stills from DREAMER'S INSOMNIA, playing highly-strung 'Chester Wallace'. #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #LoveWork #UniverseListens


Friday 1st July

Have had some Awesome news from my Fantastic Agent, Dan Clifton. He received a call today from Casting Director Andy Pryor who confirmed me for Season 2 of THE A WORD early next year. He also mentioned that my character 'Pavel' would be more prominent in the series! #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #UnstoppableActor #UniverseListens #TheAWord


Thursday 23rd June

Production Stills from MACBETH, OSC, directed by the Fabulous Ron Destro, with Abra Segerson as Lady Macbeth. Photography by the talented Tallie Gabriël.

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #ExtendYourEdge #EngagingTheWall


Sunday 19th June

'Chester Wallace' from DREAMER'S INSOMNIA

#ExtendYourEdge #Gratitude #UnstoppableActor


Friday 17th June

" Engaging the Wall "

The technique used to describe immersing the audience deeper into the story by going beyond the fourth wall! ‪#‎ExtendYourEdge‬ ‪#‎EngagingTheWall‬ ‪#‎InnerLife‬ ‪#‎UnstoppableActor#Gratitude


Thursday 16th June

Macbeth (Tommie Grabiec) is crowned King by Lady Macbeth (Abra Segerson)
in OSC prodution of MACBETH, directed by Ron Destro.

#UnstoppableActor #Gratitude #InnerLife #ExtendYourEdge


Thursday 26th May

Honoured to be a part of LUNAR ART, playing 'Office Clerk',
script submitted for the New Renaissance "Screenplay of the Month"

#AwesomeUnstoppableActor #Gratitude #InnerLife #ExtendYourEdge


Tuesday 24th May

Herbert W. "Burt" Kwouk

July 18th 1930 - May 24th 2016

A Great Master has passed into the Mists of Eternity! Thank You for Your Excellence, the Smiles You Gave, the intense Drama of Your Characters.
Rest well in the Mists, we Salute Your Indomitable Spirit!


Friday 20th May

Extend Your EDGE !

#AwesomeUnstoppableActor #Gratitude #InnerLife #ExtendYourEdge


Thursday 12th May

Production BTS from music video MIRA UN LOBO - TRAMADOL,
directed by Paul Storrie and Chris Lee. Tommie Grabiec as 'Albert'

#UnstoppableActor #Tramadol #Solitude #InnerLife


Thursday 21st April

Prince Rogers Nelson

June 7th 1958 - April 21st 2016

May Your Journey be filled with Peace, Serenity and Love. Thank You for Your Wonderful Rhythms and Unique Insights, Your Kindness and Soulful Smiles !


Monday 18th April

Begin the Quest of Your Life .... NOW !!!!

#UnstoppableActor #Boldness #Gratitude #Success


Friday 8th April

'Butch' looks on in amusement to the peril of his staff in THE ENGLISH LESSON


Tuesday 29th March

'Vlad' contemplates his miserable existence in ISPOLIN


Friday 25th March

Happy Easter !!!!

May you receive plenty of fruitful Blessings and Smiles
#‎Blessings‬ ‪#‎Gratitude‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎UnstoppableActor


Wednesday 23rd March

Connect into Your Deepest Self !!!!

#UnstoppableActor #InnerLife #Passion #Gratitude


Tuesday 23
rd March

'The Polish Lads' from THE A WORD played by
Tommie Grabiec and Adam Wittek #UnstoppableActor #Autism




Monday 21
st March

The magnificent six-part series, written by award-winning writer Peter Bowker, directed by Academy Award nominee Peter Cattaneo, produced by Marcus Wilson, cast by Andy Pryor, starring Max Vento, THE A WORD starts Tuesday 22nd March @ 9pm BBC One. I have the honour of playing 'Pavel'. ‪#‎UnstoppableActor‪#‎gratitude #blessings


Thursday 17
th March

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All, may Your aspirations flow into Beautiful
, Fame, Fortune and Vigour !!!! #UnstoppableActor


Wednesday 16
th March

Connect deep into Your Own 'Water of Life' ‪#‎UnstoppableActor


Tuesday 15
th March

Moody Production still from 22 MINUTES. Tommie Grabiec as 'The Preacher'


Tuesday 8
rd March

Production Stills from ONLY WOMEN BLEED, directed by Richard Dykes.
Tommie Grabiec plays the enigmatic 'Dr. Bouleaux'.



Saturday 5
th March

Allow Your Uniqueness to soar ! #UnstoppableActor


Thursday 3
rd March

Keep on Going ! #UnstoppableActor


Wednesday 2
nd March

An Awesome Hellraiser of an Actor ! #UnstoppableActor


Tuesday 1
st March

George Kennedy

February 18th 1925 - February 28th 2016

A Great Actor has passed into the Mists beyond the Dual Gates ! Thank You for Your Happy Smiles, Your Ultimate Excellent Nature, Your Wonderful Charm and Tranquility. Rest well and may Your Heart skip with Peace x #UnstoppableActor


Sunday 28
th February

Tony Burton

March 23rd 1937 - February 25th 2016

A Masterful Legend has passed into the Mists, let us Salute his Glorious Courage! Thank You for your Great Strength, Resilience and Truly Beautiful Passion. Thank You for bringing and Teaching about Sacred Loyalty. Rest well in peace and prosperity beyond the Twin Gates of Death and Rebirth x #UnstoppableActor


Thursday 25
th February

I forgive Your filthy Blasphemy !
Tommie Grabiec as The Pharisee in PROJECT E & I.


Saturday 20
th February

Tune into the flow of Your Own Slight Edge !


Friday 19
th February

Anima! Breathe ....



Thursday 18
th February

George Gaynes

May 16th 1917 - February 15th 2016

A Great Star, a Wonderful Actor has passed into the Mists of Time. Thank You for many, many, many Marvellous Smiles, in bringing happiness and Joy into the Hearts of Countless Souls. Your unique breath shall always be with us. May your journey be safe and filled with peace and prosperity !


Saturday 6
th February

Henry Gibson

September 21st 1935 - September 14th 2009

One of the most versatile Actors of our time, a Dear sweet Soul,
shining with Delight, Joy and Success ! Thank You Henry Gibson !

Your voice continues to inspire, Delight and make Giggles
into the eternal Starshine of Smiling Spakles, Your warmth
is a personal Godsend. How Wonderful You Truly are !


Friday 5
th February

Invest yourself fully in what You Love !


Thursday 4
th February

Let go your Conscious Mind and Act on Instinct !


Wednesday 3
rd February

Flipping bad direction into an ACTION from AJB !


Tuesday 2
nd February

The Secret to Success !


Thursday 28
th January

Beautiful words from a Wonderful and Gentle Soul!


Tuesday 26
th January

Connect deeply into your Sacred Self, fall in Love with Knowledge!


Monday 25
th January

Production still from STATIC - Jallas Productions 2016.


Friday 22
nd January

Beautiful words from an Extraordinary Soul!


Thursday 21
st January

Trailer for THE ENGLISH LESSON from Blue John Productions 2016.


Thursday 14
th January

Alan Rickman

21st February 1946 - 14th January 2016

A Great Master and Legend has passed gracefully into the Mists!

Thank You bringing your Unique excellence into this world, in giving bundles of excitement, humour and Absolute Brilliance into the characters you portrayed. Thank You for the Inspiration throughout the candles of Light and Shadow. Rest well, may your Journey be filled with peace and prosperity!


Monday 11
th January

David Bowie

January 8th 1947 - January 10th 2016

A Great Legend has passed into the Mists of Time!

Thank You kindly for All your Beautiful, Electric, Unique rhythms, your Fabulous Heart and the eclectic legacy You have passed On. Rest well and may Your journey be filled with peace, prosperity and Love!


Saturday 9
th January

Production stills from FUGUE, 2016.




Thursday 7
th January


Wednesday 6
th January

YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG is a short-film drama, directed by Kial Kirlew.

Two soldiers, Regents and Mac, escape from the midst of enemy territory, hunted by a ruthless regime, can they survive the dangers of the wild .... and the Awe of the imagination! Not everything seems as is!


Monday 4
th January


Sunday 3
rd January

BATTLESCARS, a short-film about a soldier who after coming back from war, is haunted by his actions and finds great difficulty integrating back into society.


Saturday 2
nd January


Friday 1
st January

Happy New Year !!!!

Wishing Everyone a Marvellous Year ahead filled with Great Opportunity, Sparkling Adventure, HUGE SUCCESS and AWESOME Harvest !!!!


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