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Friday 25th December

Happy Christmas !!!!


Sunday 6
th December

Robert Loggia

January 3rd 1930 - December 4th 2015

A Great Master has passed to the next world! Thank You for Your Marvellous rhythms of Excellence, your Fantastic Uniqueness in numerous productions, inspiring generations with Honour, Care and Duty. Rest well Sir and may your journey be filled with peace and prosperity!


Monday 30
th November

Unstoppable Actor Ninja on a Mission !!!!


Tuesday 24
th November

Production taster from short-film BATTLESCARS, directed by Robbie Buckley, with Tommie Grabiec as 'Harry Barnes' and Michael Treanor as 'Paul Davis'.


Thursday 19
th November

Production stills from short-film DEPARTURE, directed by Dan Ebery. Featuring Tommie Grabiec as 'Carl' and Sean Connolly as 'Henry'.




Monday 2
nd November

Fred Dalton Thompson

August 19th 1942 - November 1st 2015

A Magnificent Actor has passed, Thank You for Your Awesome movie Presence and Commanding Excellence !!!! Your inspirations have reached our Hearts and Souls, may your journey be eternal, sparkling in Magnificence. Rest well in sincere peace and prosperity!


Sunday 1
st November

I have the honour of playing 'Pavel' in six-part BBC series THE A WORD!


Friday 9
th October

Music video - Banners - Shine a Light with Tommie Grabiec as 'Gang Leader'



Friday 25
th September

Production stills from THE ENGLISH LESSON, directed by Paul Herbert, Blue John Productions 2015. Tommie Grabiec as 'Butch'.


Thursday 24
th September

Music video - Solomon Grey - Twilight (Night mix) feat. Imogen Rose by Nukksio Films. Tommie Grabiec as 'Raggy Doll'.


Wednesday 9
th September

Production Behind the Scenes still from THE ENGLISH LESSON, directed by Paul Herbert, Blue John Productions 2015, inspired by Shia LeBeouf in JUST DO IT! 


Friday 4
th September

A few cheeky production stills from OPEN WINDS directed by Heikki Simppula, edited by Carlo Gariboldi. An LFS 2015 Production!


Thursday 3
rd September

Absolutely Fabulous interview with Funky Creative Soul Robert Rodriguez - film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, musician and much more. Totally Inspiring with Tim Ferriss.


Monday 31
st August

Wes Craven

August 2nd 1939 - August 30th 2015

A Great and Inspiring Visionary has passed! A Beautiful Soul who brings immense story and character into the projects that he fostered, spanning across the Great Years of his endeavours. Thank You for All the Fabulous stories, thrills, chills, laughs and Delights. May your Journey take you safely beyond new horizons. Travel well Sir!


Saturday 22
nd August

GREAT NEWS!!!! Adam's Demise has been selected to play at the Naoussa International film festival in Greece.


Wednesday 19
th August

A few BTS Production Stills from music video shoot BANNERS - SHINE A LIGHT, directed by Chris Ranson. A Zebrafish Media production 2015.




Friday 10
th July

Omar Sharif

10th April 1932 - 10th July 2015

Thank You for your years of Passionate dedication to the Art, reaching peaks coloured with eternity, bringing great Character and Legend in Your Soul! May Your journey beyond the Twin Gates of Death and Rebirth be swift, melancholy and filled with Delight. Rest well Sir!


Tuesday 7
th July

A CHANCE ENCOUNTER, directed by Ben Smith, for his Final Major Project Creative Media Production course. This short audio-story is based on a two page short story he wrote in May 2015. The visuals are inspired by the short film 'Telling Lies' by Simon Ellis, which comes highly recommended. Tommie Grabiec plays 'Andy' and Ben Oakes plays 'Ed'. There is a twist in this encounter. In this audio-story, 'Andy' played by Tommie saves 'Ed' played by Ben. Both Ben and Tommie played Gatsby and Wilson respectively in THE GREAT GATSBY. In that story, Wilson shoots Gatsby.


Thursday 25
th June

Patrick Macnee

6th February 1922 - 25th June 2015

An Absolute  Magnetic Master of Colourful Passion!!!! Thank You for a lifetime of Dedication and Excellence, for illuminating the Art with Brilliance, Vigour and Charisma. May Your Journey be filled with peace and prosperity. Rest Well Sir!


Monday 22
nd June

James Horner

August 14th 1953 - June 22nd 2015

A True Master and Legend! Thank You for a Lifetime of Beautiful and moving rhythms and for bringing Great Joys and Monumentous Smiles throughout this Wonderful Life. May Your Spirit be cheered and may Your journey be full of peace and prosperity. May Your rest be a well-deserved one!


Sunday 15
th June

Awesome clip from NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER which epitomises the wisdom of the one Legend Bruce Lee. "When there is nothing standing in your way and nothing holding you back, You become an Unstoppable Force!!!!"


Thursday 11
th June

Christopher Lee

May 27th 1922 - June 7th 2015

The Master and Legend of Horror. Thank You for your years of dedication in bringing magic and delight to the screen, in your unfathomable mystery and greatness of character. May Your Spirit flow with peace and comfort in the Divine and Beautiful Dawn of Glowing Eternity.


Wednesday 10
th June

THE VAULT trailer, directed by Ed Kitchen. A Short Film Factory Production.


Friday 5
th June

BAIT explores the vital concern of humanity declining from a natural world of Beauty and Vibrance into a Plastic corporate world of shopping garbage! A film by Nick Brouard and Susanna Fasciolo. Starring Tommie Grabiec, Emma Burles, James Killeen and Rebecca Barry. Director of Photography - Amy Brincoveanu, Editor - Dimitrios Sidiropoulos, Sound Recordists - Niclas Jeppsson & Scott Deacon, Make-up - Hayley Avis. A Sustainable Production 2015.


Wednesday 3
rd June

THE LAST DAYS, directed by Sophie Avril. Tommie Grabiec as 'Thomas'.


Thursday 28
th May

Remus (Tommie Grabiec) has a word with Jason in PLASTIC TOYS - coming 2016, from the creative mind of Paul Harrison, director of Kill Mode. A ravaged story of lust, betrayal and ruthless depravity in an insane world of mind games and murder! Principal photography commences late Summer 2015. A Shot Positiv production, produced by Magda Kwapisiewicz.


Thursday 21
st May

A THOUSAND CRANES directed by Sumi Bal. A young boy (Tadhgh Alexander) remembers an event from his earlier Life, in the midst of war and chaos, an act of kindness from an unlikely foe (Tommie Grabiec).


Wednesday 20
th May

A DYING EMBER is a short-film about Marley (Andrew McGuirk Smith) a young lad who yearns to be a cyclist, just like his father (Frank Jakeman), who was champion back in the day, however has succumbed to drink and depression after the death of his wife. Neil (Tommie Grabiec) who owns the cycle shop where Marley works, gives the young lad the support to reach for his dreams! Directed by Thomas J. Hill, produced by Sean Hall. A Monochrome Media production.


Sunday 17
th May

Tommie Grabiec is set to play 'Remus' in PLASTIC TOYS, directed by the Magnificent Paul Harrison and produced by the Fabulous Magda Kwapisiewicz. My very good friend Paul Dewdney plays 'Leslie Styles'. Principal Photography to begin last quarter of 2015 with film release in 2016.


Thursday 14
th May

Tommie Grabiec as 'Barney' in UNDERPASS, directed by Daniel Holley. In the world of crime, drugs and corruption, walk carefully, as the streets will eat you up with no chance of remorse!


Tuesday 12
th May

I have the honour of playing the 'Abusive Husband' in charity project for domestic violence named aptly UNPUNISHED for Woman's Aid. It is being shown around football stadiums nationwide.


Monday 11
th May

THE LAST DAYS, directed by Sophie Avril. Tommie Grabiec as 'Thomas'.


Sunday 10
th May

THE RUSSIANS PLAY HARD is a short-audio car chase drama, directed by Filippo Colonna Romano, with Tommie Grabiec and Andre Fyffe.


Sunday 3
rd May


Saturday 2
nd May

'Race Against Time' is a short-film comedy following the exploits of two Police Agents, Jack and Bob. After Molly gives them urgent instructions from the Chief Inspector to take care of a top-priority order, they set off against the clock to accomplish their objective in time.


Tuesday 28
th April

Keith Harris

21st September 1947 to 28th April 2015

Dear Keith, Orville and Cuddles, may your journey into the ether be Beautiful, Peaceful and Homely. Thank you for your Wonderful Uniqueness and Individuality and bringing so much Joy and Laughter into our lives, rest well.


Monday 27
th April


Friday 24
th April

Tommie Grabiec as the notorious 'Remus' from feature film PLASTIC TOYS, directed by Paul Harrison and produced by Magda Kwapisiewicz.


Wednesday 22
nd April

Introduction to documentary 'I Shop, Therefore I Am' directed by the Fabulous Marcelo Dalle Grave. Narration by Tommie Grabiec.


Tuesday 21
st April

Had an Awesome time recording for project THE RUSSIANS PLAY HARD today, playing 'Ben' with Marvellous Actor André Fyffe and director of the project, the Fabulous Filippo Colonna Romano at The University of Hertfordshire. Thank you both for a Wonderful time!!!!


Friday 17
th April

Lovely production still from 'THE MAN HE SAVED', directed by George Burke. Tommie Grabiec as 'Captain Ascher'. 2015.


Wednesday 15
th April

Some lovely production stills taken by Awesome photographer Kristian Pirotta, from film 'The Woman in the Room' directed by the Fabulous Cathrin Blickling and prodcued by the Marvellous Elizabeth Blake Thomas.


Thursday 9
th April

Thank You kindly to Fabulous Director Cathrin Blickling and Marvellous Producer Elizabeth Blake-Thomas for the opportunity to play in the wonderful short 'The Woman in the Room' filmed on the delightful and serene grounds of Hampton Court House. Thank You to the whole cast and crew for making the day exciting and filled with adventure!!!!



Wednesday 8
th April

What a tremendous Honour it is to have met Harley Cokeliss, Unit Director of The Empire Strikes Back amongst other things. A perfect gentleman! Thank You Jason Gurr for the kind introduction!


Tuesday 7
th April

Geoffrey Lewis

July 31st 1935 to April 7th 2015

A Great and Noble Actor has passed. May your journey across the Great River be calm and peaceful. Thank you for your Beautiful rhythms.


Sunday 5
th April

Happy Easter!!!!

May you Heart and Soul experience new and exciting adventures, let go of the old and outdated, embrace the Spirit of Joy!!!!


Saturday 4
th April

Absolutely Awesome!!!! Have been confirmed to play the Great Roman General 'Titus' in TITUS ANDRONICUS for The Oxford Shakespeare Festival in July, directed by the Superb Michael Speight. Thank you kindly for this huge honour!! May your hearts shine with inspiration, courage and might. It is a privilege and pleasure to serve The Glorious Republic!!!!


Friday 3
rd April

I am delighted to be playing 'Remus' in feature PLASTIC TOYS directed by the Marvellous Paul Harrison and produced by the Fabulous Magda Kwapisiewicz.


Thursday 2
nd April

A few cheeky production stills from "Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance" directed by Sarah-Mace Dennis and produced by Richard Bell.


Wednesday 1
st April

Trailer for ADAM'S DEMISE, a film by Stephen Vandingenen. Tommie Grabiec as the troubled Adam. Coming Summer 2015.


Tuesday 31
st March

The six-shooter that George Wilson used to shoot Jay Gatsby five times!


Monday 30
th March

Chuffed and Delighted to be playing shadowy 'Remus' in PLASTIC TOYS, directed by the Magnificent Paul Harrison and produced by the Fabulous Magda Kwapisiewicz. My very good friend Paul Dewdney plays 'Leslie Styles'. Principal Photography to begin last quarter of 2015 with film release in 2016.


Sunday 29
th March

Everyone loves a cool death scene! This was just after I get 'strangled' and just before I get 'acid' poured all over me, then 'dissolve' into icky body parts!! From AYTCH EFF, directed by the Marvellous Sam Khelil, MET Film School 2015.



Saturday 28
th March

A Huge warm Thank You to The Great Gatsby crew at The Theatre Collection; Awesome Director Victor Sobchak, together with Shaban, Afron, Chris, Porl, Robert, and Magnificent cast; Ben, Ruth, Ramzi, Emma, Robert, Patrick, Vaia and Natalie. It was a pleasure to play together, what a Fabulous and Glorious Adventure!!!!


Saturday 14
th March

Production stills from 'Adam's Demise' directed by Stephen Vandingenen, with Tommie Grabiec as the troubled 'Adam'.




Wednesday 11
th March

Production still from short-film 'What We Know' directed by Fabian Zeidler, Kingston University Films. Tommie Grabiec as 'The Interrogator'.


Tuesday 10
th March

Trailer for the upcoming short-film 'The Little Lies We Tell Ourselves', filming in June and adapted from MACBETH by William Shakespeare. Starring Zoe Solanki as 'Lady Macbeth' and Tommie Grabiec as 'Macbeth'. Cinematography by the Fabulous Robin Niedojadlo, Production Design by Alex Bicknell. Directed, Produced and Edited by Tommie Grabiec (Pyreaus Films) 2015.


Tuesday 3
rd March

During the excellent 'See You Tomorrow' shoot in Bournemouth, I had a bit of time so did some filming on my iPad. Pieced this little beauty together.


Friday 27
th February

Leonard Nimoy
March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015

May your eternal journey be rewarding and free of incident, you forever touch upon our Hearts and Souls with your illogical flows! x


Thursday 26
th February

Production Stills from 'Criminal' short-film by Foliage Films, directed by the Marvellous Fraser Watson. Tommie Grabiec as 'The Mugger' with a conscience!




Tuesday 24
th February


Monday 23
rd February

Production stills from 'Taman Shud - Viper Smoke' music video.






Friday 20
th February

The Minister's Secret now available to listen to. Directed by Matthew Huggins.


Monday 16
th February

Awesome news!!!! London Hood has won Best Cinematography Award in the Noida International Film Festival. Congratulations to Cengiz, Sean and the whole Team. Very proud to have played Blane in this Great film.


Friday 13
th February

WriteDream Productions presents 'Payment', written by Steve Ince, directed by Michael R. Esteves and produced by Daniel Alexander Films.


Wednesday 11
th February

Have been cast as 'Head Zombie' in short "See You Tomorrow" filming on the 28th February in Bournemouth. Directed by the lovely Jessica Jeffries.


Sunday 8
th February

MoneySupermarket Competition "Music Class" - MET Films Kodak Competition, directed by the Awesome Nick Hansbauer. Tommie Grabiec as Mr. Wren.



Friday 6
th February

Production stills from "Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance" directed by the Marvellous Sarah-Mace Dennis and produced by her partner, the Fabulous Richard Bell. Was an absolute pleasure to be part of this production and work with Great talent; Paul Dewdney, Bill Thomas, Kerry Bennett, Chandru Bhojwani, Cat Kiiza, Chris Clynes and Pat Garrett, plus a Magnificent crew; Liza Fletcher, Nadin Hadi, Tim Belcher, Nat Turner, Chris Roe, Michal Kuligowski and a team of supporting extras who were Brilliant, especially the dude in the blue velvet jacket.



Thank you Sarah and Richard for having me as part of your production.

Truly it is an honour!


Monday 2
nd February

Have been cast as the spiritless "George Wilson" in "The Great Gatsby" playing at "The Lord Stanley", as part of Victor Sobchak's Theatre Collection. Runs from 4th to 29th March. Looking forward to some great intense scenes!!!!

Thursday 29
th January

I am fortunate to have supplied the voiceover for Oleg Maklak's Kettlebell workout online course. Oleg is Kettlebell Champion of Belarus!


Wednesday 28
th January

'The Blind Bet' playing at The Hen & Chickens, Islington - 3rd to 7th February. Tommie Grabiec as the no-nonsense Hostage Negotiator!


Tuesday 27
th January

Production stills from 'Teacher to Rockstar' for MET Kodak competition, directed by Nick Hansbauer.


Friday 16
th January

Behind the scenes production still from 'The Puppet Masters' directed by the Marvellous Sean Cronin. Tommie Grabiec as 'Mysterious Party Guest'.


Sunday 11
th January

Production stills from 'Banishment' directed by Sam Walker. A ShootMe Films production, featuring Tommie Grabiec as 'Talvorn' and Luke Argles as 'Hiargo'.



Tuesday 6
th January

Production stills from 'Try Me' directed by Alberto Macasoli. A Breakfast Creatives production, starring Tommie Grabiec and Andrew Boateng.



Friday 2
nd January

"Man is a genius when he is dreaming." - Akira Kurosawa



'The Code' coming soon, directed by Oliver Lloyd Renshaw.



"Your objective is not just an idea in your head! It is an energy, vital, alive, able to explode or implode at any moment. Allow it to carry you through the Life of the Beholder. Feel it, absorb it, cherish it, for it is a unique aspect of yourself!"


Thursday 1
st January

Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing everyone an Awesome Year ahead for 2015, bringing plenty of prosperity, happiness, love, passion, joy, laughter and a Fabulous Harvest!!!!


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