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Friday 26th December

Teaser trailer to 'Beneath the Surface', a film by Yard Nine Productions, directed by Alex Osman, coming early 2015.


Thursday 25
th December


Saturday 20
th December

Production still from 'Banishment' directed by the Brilliant Sam Walker. With Tommie Grabiec as 'Talvorn' and Luke Argles as 'Hiargo'. A ShootMe Films production in association with Pyreaus Films.


Thursday 18
th December

Production stills from 'The Vault' directed by Ed Kitchen and his wonderful crew. Working alongside the Fabulous Paul Dewdney.


Saturday 13
th December

Another Awesome time on-location today, filming 'The Vault' directed by the Marvellous Ed Kitchen, with his Fantastic crew Siân Davies, Rochelle Le Pilion, Will Armson, Niki Hallam. You guys are Fabulous!!!! I had the added pleasure of working with one of my favourite friends, the hard-working, dedicated, valiant, awe-inspiring Paul Dewdney. If ever there was a more passionate Actor who excels at what he does and comes with tremendous energy onto set it's Paul! Thank you for your friendship and coolness!



Thursday 11
th December

Production still from 'The Offender' directed by the Marvellous Jason Gurr. Jared is deep in thought over his Life.


Monday 8
th December

Awesome!!!! Just checked and am on my 59th project this year on Wednesday directed by Jason Gurr and am set for another role on Saturday which will make 60 projects this year. I want to Thank everyone who have given me the opportunity to work with them over this Brilliant and fulfilling year, the adventure continues xxxx


Sunday 7
th December

Some lovely stills from 'Try Me' directed by the Fabulous Alberto Macasoli. A Breakfast Creatives film, coming in 2015.


Tuesday 2
nd December

Docklands - Discover the Hub of Empire!

Ape Media is raising funds for our pilot episode of 'Docklands'. Having shot a low budget mini-pilot, we want to bring this incredible concept to life in a full-length episode that will appeal to fans of gritty period pieces like 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Whitechapel'.

Take a walk down with us in 1851 alongside Aedan Kelly as he flees famine and seeks a new life. Browse the exotica of Mr. Edwards, spare a farthing to make sure the good work of the Daughters of Jesus continues, tip your Hat to Mr. Halton should you see him as he owns all of Princess Victoria Dock (the parts which matter), try Lizzie Mayhew if you want a bed for the night from someone who won’t ask questions and make sure you don’t cross Mr. Barker, he’s a connected man so they say. But you will need to keep your wits about you, there have been two suspicious deaths in as many weeks, talk of trouble amongst the Stevedores and a few journalists sniffing around who will keep quiet if they know what's good for them. See a London that is unrecognisable in some ways and very familiar in others featuring rich characters in an evocative setting.

Your donation will help us bring the project to fruition giving it the best possible production values and a springboard to the beginning of an absorbing ten part series. Please Donate.


Thursday 20
th November

This is what it's all about!! One day I am being kidnapped, beaten and tortured as in theses lovely production stills from 'Try Me' a Breakfast Creatives film, directed by the Awesome Alberto Macasoli and his Magnificent team (Alicia Santamaría, Berta Valverde, Aaron Westhead, Dan Prior, Tania Rodríguez), also starring the Fabulous Andrew Boateng. Then the next day I am doing the beating and torturing on another shoot (The Code). It's always Fabulous to get both sides of the picture!!


Wednesday 19
th November

Playing 'The Russian' in Ravensbourne productions short 'The Code', directed by Oliver Renshaw. Would you like to come and play?


Friday 7
th November

'12 Years a Slave No More'

Today marks a very special day for me. It was 12 years ago that I had my insightful experience where time stopped and I made my decision to embark on my Acting journey. The road has been long and eventful and still continues, I feel blessed for all the individuals I have had the great fortune in meeting and all the wonderful experiences that have come my way. Thank You for your kindness and support!

Headshot by Leo Bacica 2014


Wednesday 5
th November

The premiere of 'London Hood' was a fantastic success on Monday evening, which took place at The Century Club in Shaftesbury Avenue, London, hosted by the lovely Rebekah Louisa Smith. Many Thanks to Fabulous Actor, Producer and Writer Cengiz Dervis for the invite, was lovely to see some familiar faces; Paul Dewdney, Imran Hasan, Emmett Sullivan, Sean Cronin, Jel Djelal, Dan Richardson and Sina Bowyer. Was an honour to meet some great individuals; David Bispham, Laurence O'Brien, Jess Impiazzi and Justyna Mikina. Photos by the talented Emmett Sullivan.



Thursday 30
th October

Production still from UAL live-studio short-film 'Here with You' directed by Selasi Ayettle, featuring Jemma Lewis and Tommie Grabiec.


Wednesday 29
th October

A huge Thank You to all the Wonderful people (cast, crew, friends, family) that I have had the pleasure to know and meet during this Fantastic Year of 2014. You are and continue to be an inspiration!! Ever onward in the everlasting Now to new and exciting adventures and horizons, discovering the Beauty of the Soul!


Monday 27
th October

Production stills from 'A Day in the Park' directed by Jamie Stirling (MET Films) featuring Tommie Grabiec as 'Marx' and Richard Stephenson Winter as 'Hicks'. Film to be released early 2015.


Tuesday 21
st October

Production stills from MET Film School Production 'Set-Back' directed by Xhuljon Gashi.



Sunday 28
th September

Behind the Scenes from 'Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance' playing 'Ivan' the fast-talking auctioneer. Produced by Dennis & Bell Productions. Directed by Sarah-Mace Dennis 2014.





Wednesday 24
th September

A few cheeky production stills from 'Barricado Beware!' directed by the Fabulous Sean Cronin, coming soon!



Tuesday 16
th September

"Connect into your deepest Self, that eternal reservoir beyond the land of dreams and mysteries, behind the veil of the furthest reaches of rock, liquid and shoal, find that serene quietness from whence everything flows, there you will find that most unique gift of tranquility"


Monday 25
th August

'Payment' short film coming soon. Directed by Daniel Alexander, produced by Michael R. Esteves, written by Steve Ince.


Monday 18
th August

Behind the Scenes production shots from the 'Hewlett Packard Application Defender' Commercial playing 'George the Heavy' produced by GB Films and 'Lord of War' short film playing 'Yuri' by Ravensbourne University.



Thursday 14
th August

Our 'Othello' production at the Moors Bar (Erratic Dramatics) as part of the Camden Fringe Festival went Splendidly well. Here are a few production stills courtesy of the talented Andrew Heathcote.




Monday 11
th August

The X-Men Audio Drama Website is up and running. The series is written and directed by Karl Dutton. I am playing the Mutant 'Jason Wyngarde', also known as the all powerful 'Mastermind'.


Sunday 10
th August

Many thanks to Alexander Rollins (Talk to Camera Productions) for an excellent time on the "Poverty" project. Special Thanks to Paul Dewdney for his kind recommendation.


Sunday 27
th July

"Strawberry Vale" and "Wayne" are coming to The Camden Fringe Festival, playing at The Camden People's Theatre, starting tomorrow evening, 28th and 29th July @ 9pm.


Wednesday 23
rd July

That's a wrap on "Danny's Journey", many thanks to all the cast and crew for being Wonderful, especially Daniel McCarthy who was a wonderful "son"


Saturday 19
th July

On-set filming short film "Danny's Journey" directed by Felipe Toledo, with Daniel McCarthy as "Danny" and Tommie Grabiec as "Ben". This heart-warming story is about father and son re-connecting after the death of Danny's Mother and Ben's wife. Produced by East 15 Films.


Sunday 6
th July

Production High Definition Stills from "The Masked Rider", directed by Seth Brisco. Tommie Grabiec as Shocker Guard and C.E.O. played by John Hyatt.


Saturday 28
th June

Absolutely Fabulous!!!! Have been cast as the dangerous villain "Mastermind" in Karl Dutton's X-Men Audio Drama, which follows the adventures of the famous comic hero's and villain's!!!!



Wednesday 4
th June

More fantastic delights from the electrifying "London Hood" shoot, written and produced by Cengiz Dervis, directed by Sean Cronin. Atmospheric photo stills by veteran Emmett Sullivan.



Thursday 29
th May

Thai kick-boxing Champion Ricky (Sean Lerwill) together with dedicated trainer Blane (Tommie Grabiec) in Fight Me Productions "London Hood", written and produced by Cengiz Dervis, directed by Sean Cronin.


Sunday 18
th May

Had tremendous fun filming over the weekend for "The Baron". Many thanks to Alex, Stephen and all the cast and crew for an Awesome experience!!



Thursday 15
th May

Had loads of fun in the UAL LCC Studio recording live for "Here with You". Thank you to everyone involved, was a terrific experience and lots of valuable lessons learned. Special Thanks to Jemma Lewis for being a wonderful scene partner!!


Sunday 11
th May

Here are some fab stills from "The Masked Rider" film, directed by Seth Brisco which will be released in June. C.E.O. played by John Hyatt.


Friday 9
th May

Had fun on the H&M Fall Collection Commercial, produced by RSA Films. Made a new friend, Thank You Bob Masters, enjoy the Ibizan sun!!!!


Wednesday 7
th May

Daphne Karstens, the creator and director of the "
The Tempest" Prospero costume for her MA at the University of the Arts has put together a wonderful weblog of the exhibition at the V&A and the short film we shot (Act 1 Scene 2), together with Tim Fordyce as the ever-elusive imp Ariel.


Thursday 1
st May

Had a wonderful time on the "Super8" film shoot, playing "Ashton Kasheer", directed by Osama Senousi. This is a MET Film School production and will be ready in the next few months. The story is a Hollywood spoof and will make you laugh and cry colourful tears of crazy and trippy dreams!!!!



Saturday 26
th April

Had an excellent rehearsal today for UAL show of "The Batman Recalls" on Tuesday 29th April at Central Saint Martin's. Everything has come together nicely, thanks to the help of Sam, Em, Helen, Kat, my friends in Spirit and a whole lot of elbow grease! It's going to be a Fabulous show, very excited to be part of the team. Thank you for your faith, diligence and perseverance!!



Friday 18
th April

Happy Easter to One and All!!!!


Thursday 17
th April

Had a Fabulous time on "The Masked Rider" shoot playing "Shocker Guard". Many thanks to Seth Brisco, Amir Qureshi, John Hyatt and the rest of the cast (Zofia De Montfort, Karl Lansley, Sharon Henry) and crew (Theo Clark, Kit Porter, Daniel Ansell, Katie Giles) at Ravensbourne University. A very nice prelude to a much needed and deserved Easter holiday!



Monday 7
th April

Had a wonderful time today on-set filming LCC short "They and the Icebergs" as "The Captain". Many thanks to the whole cast and crew for making it a Fabulous shoot! Film will be available June 2014.


Had an audition later at MET Film School and ended up putting my foot into the wall after director asked if I could improvise more by jumping around. Meant to rebound off the wall. Talk about leaving a mark!!


Saturday 5
th April

Atmospheric Production Stills from FUKUSHU directed by pioneering director Francisco Linares Gorria. Produced by Three Amigos Films 2014. Starring Kluane Saunders and Tommie Grabiec. A tense nail biting revenge thriller!


Friday 21
st March

The third instalment of Star Trek: Lost Enterprise audio drama out now, "Below Decks, written and directed by the extraordinary Karl Dutton. I play the truly sincere "Vorta 2397" and friendly "Bartender".


Wednesday 19
th March

What a Marvellous day Today!! I have been given the part of "Brabantio" in William Shakespeare's timeless classic "Othello" by Erratic Dramatics. Productions are set for July in and around London, culminating with a run at The Camden Fringe Festival in August. Rehearsals to begin in April.


Wednesday 12
th March


Tuesday 11
th March

I have been cast as "DS Joey Jones" in the short-play "The Interrogation" written by Brian Coyle, directed by Simon Paris, playing at The Horse & Stable, Waterloo on the evenings of 29th March to 1st April. The show will begin at 7.30pm and will feature selected short-plays by new writing authors.


Monday 10
th March

The launch date for "The Minister's Secret" short radio play has now been confirmed as April 1st at 6.00pm at The Edric Theatre, London. The event will also include a Q&A with the writer/director Matthew Huggins, and the cast. Click here to book tickets for this excellent event.


"The Minister's Secret" is a short radio play about a senior politician under investigation for killing his mother; but the truth about the politician’s actions is far more sinister.



Monday 3
rd March

I have been cast as "The Captain" in the short film "They and the Icebergs". This surrealistic story of adventure and intrigue takes the viewer into the insightful realms and depths of nostalgia, set on board a ship traversing the boundless waters filled with hulking icebergs .... the Sentinels of the Sea!


Filming is to take place at LFCC on the 15th April


Tuesday 25
th February

I am very pleased to have been cast as “The Detective” in the new radio drama “The Minister’s Secret” written and directed by Matt Huggins.


A senior politician (Tim Charles) is under investigation for killing his mother (Priscilla Gray); but the truth about the politician’s actions is far more sinister and leaves more questions than can be answered. A tense situation develops during questioning, when the Solicitor (Emily Swain) intervenes.


Recording is to take place on the 4th March with the play premiering in early April. For updates, please follow @matthewwhuggins on Twitter.


Monday 24
th February

Star Trek: Lost Enterprise Episode One
audio drama coming very soon. Written and Directed by Karl Dutton. The opening credits to this bold and exciting new adventure ....


I play one of the menacing and insidious antagonists, "Gul deNekk" who will stop at nothing to destroy the Federation and all it stands for!


The adventures are based around the Enterprise-B and features a plethora of wonderful cast who are passionate about Star Trek and the vision of creator Gene Roddenberry.


Monday 17
th February

I have been confirmed for the part of the "menacing Gold Statue" in the music video "Serotonin" by Mira, un Lobo! The story follows Jeffrey, a tap dancing street performer who struggles to make ends meet doing what he loves ... performing his art in front of a live audience.


During his journey of Life, he is maliciously attacked by the Gold painted Statue, Shrek and the Wolf as they rob him not only of his hard earned coins, but also his dignity. This colourful and slow-motion shoot is planned for the evening of Wednesday 26th February.


Sunday 9
th February

Latest Javeon McCarthy video "Give Up" part 2 features a familiar face at the end of the segment. More coming up in Part 3 as soon as it is released....

Javeon "Give Up" Article on Soulbounce


Friday 7
th February

I have been offered the part of "Charles Halton" in the mini-pilot "Docklands" by Ape Media Productions. Filming is scheduled for March.


The year is 1851, Britain is a world power, we follow the struggle for survival of the people of Princess Victoria Dock. The Irish immigrants making a new life in the city, the unions battling for better working conditions, the publicans, brothels and traders all making a living from the dock whilst the charities try to save the fallen with Christian love and charity but with a deep fear of Catholicism the immigrants bring. Above all looms the figure of Mr Halton who will stop at nothing to maintain his status and legacy as Dockmaster.


Thursday 6
th February

Karl Dutton
has kindly offered me the role of "Gul deNekk", the menacing and slimy Cardassian antagonist in the upcoming and exciting Star Trek audio drama "Lost Enterprise".


I have been a Star Trek fan for many many years and rate the Cardassians and Vorta as my favourite villians. Marc Alaimo and Jeffrey Combs are in a class all of their own. Go Cardassia!!


Tuesday 4
th February advert airing this week in which I play a dodgy criminal.


Monday 3
rd February

During my train journey to Farnham for my "Lockbox" rehearsal, I was chilling out watching "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". I got to the scene in the library when Indy says "X marks the spot" and paused the movie, to continue watching later. Lo and behold I gaze out of the window to see....


Saturday 1
st February

On-set today shooting a film Noir project for Kell Mitchell, a mixture of monologue, portrait shots and video. Had tremendous fun, the completed film will be ready sometime next month.


Thursday 30
th January

How cool is this!! I have been offered the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a theatrical performance at the Studio Theatre in Central Saint Martin's which is taking place at the end of April.

This Fabulous production is named aptly "Batman Recalls" and will involve an immersive video experience where Bruce Wayne recalls his life as Batman!!


Wednesday 29
th January

Have been confirmed for the part of "Lester" in the short film "Disbelief" by Westminster Film School. Lester is a cocky gangster bond/villain type who has a sidekick, a Siamese kitty named aptly "Professor Mittens". The shoot is scheduled for the end of February.


Tuesday 28
th January

Great news!!!! Have been confirmed for the role of a "World Creator" in the exciting live theatre/game project "The Rise and Fall of Geo Goynes".


Performance dates are Wednesday 19th March @ 4pm and Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd March @ 6.30pm. This is an exciting interactive audience experience where the watchers become part of the action and adventure!


Monday 27
th January

Am now wrapped as "The Boss" on the comedy short "Wet Dreams". I want to Thank all the production team from Greenwich University of Arts for showing me an excellent time and making the filming highly enjoyable.

Life is certainly Fabulous, so far January has been a busy month with lots of Creative projects going on. I have a load of auditions coming up in the next few weeks with more work coming up on the way. It is about creating a steady flow of work for oneself, in keeping busy and allowing those wonderful Creative energies to flow brightly and majestically. Be bold, take chances, and more importantly, have loads of fun!!

Preparing for audition as "Paul Crest" a very unsavoury character


Friday 17
th January

Have completed shooting "Justice and Greed" (Dead Turn) as the sadistic killer "Lanius", directed by Jack Howard. Film will be ready on February 24th.


Saturday 18
th January

Am wrapped as "The Guard" on "The Escape Artist" short film production for Royal Holloway Films. This Dystopian nightmare is directed by Enya Moriarty and will be ready at the end of February. Watch this space!


Wednesday 15
th January

Confirmed for role of "Thief" in short film by LCC Productions "Over The Hill" shooting on the 25th and 26th of January.


On a side note, there are so many opportunities for Actors to  improve their craft and immerse themselves in what they Love doing. There are always Student and Short film productions on the go and the equipment used these days is of a high quality Professional standard. Don't let fantastic opportunities miss you by. The more you put yourself out there equals the more work you get and the more you improve and hone your skills. To borrow a Fabulous quote which applies "Carpe Diem!"


Tuesday 14
th January

Confirmed for two roles in short films produced by Royal Holloway, University of London, filming on the 18th and 19th January in Egham, Surrey.

Playing "The Guard" in "The Escape Artist", a film set in a Dystopian Nightmare police state, where laws are violently implemented by the Protectors and all citizens are known as "numbers".


Playing "Lanius" in "Twenty Eight Four". When Nola breaks into an apartment for easy pickings, she finds more than she expects, as this is no ordinary apartment, it is the home of Lanius, a sadistic killer who is on the hunt for one thing .... vengeance!


Monday 13
th January

Have a listen to this Absolutely Wonderful Off-The Record Talk with a gem of a man Sir Derek Jacobi. Interviewed by Paul Clayton at The Actor's Centre.


Saturday 11
th January

I have been confirmed for two exciting productions taking place this month; a sketch and a short film.

The first sketch performance of "Metamorphosing" directed by Iddo Gruengard with an International cast including Iddo, Leonardo Pancione and Lucie Novak. I play the Clerk/Doctor, representing the role of "Society". This is a lucid performance about the adaptation to physical change caused by natural and traumatic consequences, referencing classical texts by Kafka, Ovid and the Mahabharata. The production is taking place at Central Saint Martin's on the 21st January at 3.15pm.


I am also playing the part of The Boss in "Wet Dreams", a short film produced by Greenwich University, shooting on the 27th January. A terrific script written by Graham Manson, produced by Marie Prince and directed by Silva Beshi. The story revolves around Joe who travels through a surrealistic dream of his worst fears and deepest nostalgias, encountering people from his Life. Definitely a fun ride!


Thursday 9
th January

Two Fabulous BFI talks by Ralph Fiennes and Woody Harrelson



Wednesday 8
th January

Have just attended a Fabulous talk with Sir Derek Jacobi, conducted by Paul Clayton at The Actor's Centre. The podcast will be available next week, so will post. So many gems!!


Saturday 4
th January

Pearls of wisdom from Ralph Fiennes at the BFI Screentalk. It is vital to find your own voice and Soul, not just as an Actor but as a human being. Allow your uniqueness to shine through.

Thanks to James Devereaux from The Great Acting Blog for finding this gem.


Friday 3
rd January

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade (1967)


Wednesday 1
st January

Happy New Year!!!!

Here's to an Absolutely Fantastic 2014, with more hard work, more breakthroughs, more successes, more lessons and more BIG smiles all the way!!!!


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