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Happy New Year


Merry Christmas


Tuesday 17th December

Attended a Fabulous workshop this evening with T.A.G. led by Claire Wyatt on keeping yourself alive for auditions, including warmup, text work, group interaction and voice warmup. If you have the chance, sign up for membership (£24 for a year).

Also, here is an excellent round-table with top Casting Directors from The Hollywood Reporter..


Monday 166th December

"The Door At the End" directed by Chris Tapsell is now in the bag. Tense and intense work done today with the main Protagonist of the movie, George Jovanovic. The movie will be ready around February 2014.


Received a lovely email from Ben Strebel today, the Director on the Javeon music video shoot, with this lovely photo attached.

Rest in Peace Peter O'Toole, may your Journey be full of mystery, vigour and excitement, streaming into the infinite tranquil places of never-ending fascination. You are an inspiration!!


Sunday 15th December

The Javeon McCarthy music vid shoot is wrapped now, had great fun on the shoot, made new friends. Learnt an important lesson which is conserving energy on a long day and night shoot, an important skill to learn for any actor.

Have just come from filming a scene for "The Door at the End" by UCLU Films, directed by Chris Tapsell. One more day filming tomorrow on this project.


Check out The Great Acting Blog by James Devereaux, lots of important points and great tips.


Tuesday 10th December

Completed filming "Jehovah and Son". Movie should be ready early next year, with BTS and Stills available soon. Will Parker plays Jesus, Rafe Beckley plays Jehovah and I play Judas. The three J's!!! Here are a few shots for a taster.

Getting ready to film Javeon music video on Thursday and Friday. Have also secured a thuggish role in the short film by UCL "The Door At The End". First meet is tomorrow, filming takes place next week. As the saying goes "busy is the Bee"


Wednesday 4th December

Great news on two fronts today!!!!

I have been cast in the new short film "Jehovah and Son" by Tsungku Films, written by the charismatic Shaun Davis and directed by the enamouring Loraine Ffrench of the excellent award-winning French's Boutique. The shoot is Sunday 8th December and I am playing the betrayer JUDAS ISCARIOT. The film will be entered into the Reed Short film competition 2014. This is the second time working with Tsungku Films (first time worked on The Violinist). Going to have a Fabulous time!!!!

I have also been confirmed in the new Javeon music video, shooting at the end of next week. I am playing the part of the Complaining Customer.


Saturday 23rd November

Was on set today filming a commercial for [Unnamed]. Had a fantastic time, and the completed product will be out around Christmas. Once it has been released I will provide more information, at the moment the name has been withheld upon request of Client.

I have also been given a part in a short film called "Dosage" by students at Westminster College. It is a tense two-hander, myself playing the deeply troubled DCI Gilbert. This is filming in a few weeks. I have taken inspiration for my character from the film Cobra, with the excellent Brian Thompson playing the fearsome Nightslasher.


More news on this exciting project next week!


Wednesday 13th November

Over the last few weeks have had a bit of a rest, which is always a good thing. Now the pace is on again, with auditions coming up left, right and centre. One wonderful thing I have noticed is that Casting Directors have become more helpful and with the note that they want you to succeed, in a way giving you your thoughts for the scene and character and breaking things down in simple steps. Maintaining great relations and rapport with all members of the industry is a must, and the most important thing is, be yourself, be professional and be positive.

Have a look at this Fantastic Interview with Matt Selby from Belinda Norcliffe Casting and pay special attention.

Here is also a Great Insightful Piece by Hollywood Reporter with Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Josh Brolin and Michael B. Jordan.


Friday 18th October

The most excellent 80's musical "Stand and Deliver", written by Wayne Gumble is on Saturday 19th October at The Mitre, 130 Upper Street in Islington. Performance time is 3pm. Kevin Bashford is on keyboard and I will be playing Enfield supporter and 1700s highwayman, FRANK GOLDENBOY. Come along and join in the fun, it's sure to be a BLAST to the PAST!!!!

Full details can be found here


Thursday 10th October



Monday 1st October

Am now confirmed for the part of FRANK GOLDENBOY in the 80s Musical "Stand and Deliver" for the OxJam Festival on Saturday 19th October in the historic "House of Wolf" in Islington.

This most excellent fun comedic piece is written by maverick Wayne Gumble and directed by Catharine Arakelian and features a cast of passionate, unique individuals, our mission, to take you back in time!!!!

Musical numbers include: The Final Countdown (Europe), Echo Beach (Martha and the Muffins), Stand and Deliver (Adam Ant), You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi), The Time of My Life (Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes), Zoom (Fat Larry's Band), It Must Be Love (Madness), Mad World (Gary Jules).

Come along and join in the Awesome Adventure!!!!


Monday 23rd September

Flyers for "Lost Angel". Designed by Phil Hatchard (DANIEL).



Friday 20th September

Just wrapped on "The Protagonist" shoot. What an Absolutely Exhilarating experience!! The finished film will be Awesome!! A huge Thank You to Jacob Heaton and all the cast and crew. You guys and gals really made my day. Here are some cool shots. Splendid Fx Makeup by Juliette Buck.




Friday 13th September

Have really got stuck in, developing and shaping MACEDONIO for my next play Lost Angel, coming in October. I love these long moments of inspiration, the Universe calls and sparks twinkle in the Soul.

Here are a few pictures which bring world and character to Life in this Fabulous story full of danger, tears and redemption.



Also, Jacob Heaton, director of The Protagonist has sent through the final day of filming which will be on Friday 20th September, afterwhich the film will go into post.

Great News!! Daniel Brennan at Wapping Arts has announced the new timetable of workshops and short courses. I've signed up, will be good to be back at Raine House. The classes cater from Beginner to Advanced so go take a looksee ....


Monday 9th September

Last day of filming "W" went splendidly well, some really nice shots taken. Editing will begin in October and film will be ready by November. Want to say a Huge Thank You to all the crew for a great time; Eli, John, Dan, Giles and David. That wraps up W!!




Sunday 8th September

During this Glorious Sunday we travelled to Weybridge to continue filming "W". Being surrounded by the majestic Surrey countryside was breathtaking and added an extra layer to the already inspired adventure. Our new creature encounter today was with the gracious "Freddie the Froggie". Share in the flow!!




Saturday 7th September

Breathe in Nature and awaken to her Beautiful flow!!!! This is the theme for the film "W" which began filming today. I play "W", a man that awakens to this magnificent wave of Being. Some very interesting shots, including Guerrilla filmed bus scenes and encounters in the park with the "Holy Fool". The day was made for me by a marvellous encounter with a bright green caterpillar which I call "Boise". More scenes to shoot tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday. Thanks to the crew; Eli, John, Dan, Giles and David for an Absolutely Wonderful time.

A few interesting synchronicities; When I wrote my character history I specified W's birthday as 2nd January 1971. With no knowledge of this, the creators of the film, Eli and John specified my date of birth on my i.d. card as 11th January 1971. Numerologically the dates are the same!! Also on the back of W's work shirt are the initials TG. I Love all these mysteries!!


Thursday 5th September

First day filming on set for "The Protagonist" went really well, lots of intensity, long day, many thanks to the whole crew and Director Jacob Heaton. The scene we were shooting is a parody of the film "Commando" with Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of my favourite movies. Filming continues tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. A lovely little action piece!!!!


Monday 19th August

Detective Mark Ramsey is all wrapped now on "Female Serial Killer". Sunday was an intense shooting day, in total 15 hours. Monday was more relaxed. What an absolutely wonderful experience, had a fantastic time. Thanks to Lex Hefner, Rosanna Henry, Lilac Sheer, Bernadette Wood and the rest of the Smokescreen Pictures crew. Huge Thanks to my partner in crime Alexi Parkin. Jesus Christ!!


Thursday 15th August

Here is an interesting parallel I share with the German Actor Andreas Wisniewski. On Wednesday 21st August, I am taking part in Secret Cinema: Mission Impossible where I am playing an Associate of Max. In the original Tom Cruise film, Andreas played the same part. In 2002 I played one of Andreas's henchmen in the TV series Ultimate Force. And to top it all, our birthdays are back to back. Andreas was born on 3rd July and I was born on the 4th July. I Love this Business!!


Monday 12th August

I find it utterly fascinating that you get to meet so many wonderful Creative people on your travels; Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Writers and of course Actors. One Big Happy Family, all sharing the wonderful vision of storytelling.


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