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Wednesday 8th May

Bruno Ganz

March 22, 1941 - February 15, 2019

Let us Salute and Applaud this wonderful Legend of an Actor ! Thank you for bringing excellence into character, strength and wisdom into the Soul.

Rest and Journey well sir


Saturday 4th May

Legend of Tython Trailer !


Friday 3rd May

Peter Mayhew

May 19th 1944 - April 30th 2019

A Wookie Legend has passed into the Mists beyond space and time ! Thank you for a lifetime of pure delight, in inspiring a young boy in the many adventures of the Spirit. Rest well sir !


Sunday 31st March

Legend of Tython Update !


Tuesday 26
th February


Created by Tom Dallis and Eric Andresen


Wednesday 30th January

Dick Miller

December 25th 1928 - January 30th 2019

A True Legend has passed beyond into the Mists of Time and Space. Thank you for your dedication and excellence. You serve as an inspiration to All with your unique voice which lives on in triumph and beauty. Journey and rest well


Wednesday 23rd January


Stills from BOOTLEGGERS,
created by Eric Andresen and Tom Dallis


Tuesday 1st January

Happy New Year !


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