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Tommie is playing DR. BRANDON in Tv Pilot NUMBER 308, directed by Wayne Goodrich, filming early July.

Tommie is excited to be playing APHIS in Star Wars fan-film LEGEND OF TYTHON PART II, directed by Ben Straiton, filming August 2018.

Tommie has been cast as STUDIO EXEC in action film STRIKE IT directed by Tom Dallis, filming end of July 2018.

Tommie is set to play Russian Agent REMSKI in feature film THE RIDDLE OF THE SPIDER'S WEB directed by Scott Wegener, filming August 2018.

Tommie Grabiec as Harry Barnes - BATTLESCARS

Tommie Grabiec is a Classically trained British Actor with green card, living and working in the USA. Tommie is represented by Heyman Talent Artists Agency.

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